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Was Atlantis a real place? What is the meaning of existence? What is the best flavour of Jim Buddy?
The search for answers continues.

Chocolate Orange

Chocolate & Orange. Bonnie & Clyde. Mac & Cheese. Cardi B & Offset. Some things are just made to go together. 99 Calories. 10g of Protein. PROTEIN DONUTS!

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Banana Cinnamon

Want to know why Jim called this one Banana Cinnamon? It's Banana, and it's Cinnamon. CURVEBALL it also has crunchy Walnut pieces. 99 Calories. 9g of Protein.

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Peanut Butter

Peanut. In butter form. Why mess with a classic? Unless you're turning it into a healthy protein donut- that would be NUTS. 99 Calories. 9g of Protein.

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Vanilla Bean

Jim can't personally fly you to Madagascar in the donut-copter to experience fresh vanilla pods. But your tastebuds can come pretty close with this gourmet protein donut. 99 Calories. 9g of Protein.

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