Ingredients & Nutrition

Jim Buddy is on a mission to make
‘cheat’ food into ‘good’ food.
Not just the 'better option', but part of the plan.
UKAS Certified Laboratory Tested ✓



Jim’s protein comes mainly from eggs, egg white and high quality whey. 

The whey is made with a precise filtration and separation process to turn milk into pure whey protein. Protein is important for muscle development, immune support, satiety and general health and wellbeing. 

There is no amino spiking from added nitrogenous compounds: just pure whey to help meet your daily protein requirements.

Real Fruit, Nuts and Natural Flavours

Another source of sweetness, flavour, fibre and vitamins is the inclusion of real fruit in a Jim Buddy bake. Nuts and seeds too for protein, clean fatty acids and an awesome taste. This gives an even more optimal nutritional profile and a wholesome, filling yet light texture. Handmade at the JB bakery using premium ingredients, there is no sugar added to any Jim Buddy product; any sugar comes from natural sources. 

Non-GMO Corn Starch Fibre

Fibre is the building block of most plants and has well researched benefits for human digestion and metabolism. A lot of people don’t get enough fibre. Jim Buddy uses a plant derived isomalto-ogliosaccharide containing 91% prebiotic dietary fibre to add a light fluffy texture and sweetness without using fructose, sucrose, corn syrup or any other alternatives that a regular donut might contain! 

No type of fibre is digestible by the human body, but it is listed in the total carbohydrate numbers of any product. Jim Buddy lists the total carbohydrate and also the ‘net’ carbohydrate of each flavour of donut so you know exactly what you are getting. We even included the 2 calories per gram of fibre the FDA recommends so the calorie count is as accurate as possible.

The fibre is fermented by the bacteria in your gut and turned into short-chain fatty acids which are then absorbed in the large intestine, which is why they don’t count toward your net carb total. There is a growing body of scientific research which has affirmed numerous health benefits associated with short-chain fatty acids, so we’re pleased to be ahead of the curve!


100% Natural

Zero Calories

Acts as an antioxidant

Does not spike blood sugar (zero GI)

Good for your teeth

Sweetness without the carbs

Erythritol is a fantastic health ingredient which is relativley new in the space. It is a naturally occurring sweet polyol, found in watermelons, pears, and grapes. It is not digestible so is effectively calorie-free! It is 70% as sweet as sugar. 


It does not raise blood sugar (non-glycemic), does not contribute to tooth decay and is great for people with diabetes or those following a low-carb diet because it has no significant effect on carbohydrate metabolism. WONDER-FOOD!


This amino acid is essential for many different muscle, cognitive and metabolic functions. It speeds recovery while you sleep and supports a strong immune, digestive and nervous system. It helps break down and transport nutrients like glycogen and fat to be used by cells for energy and has been shown to improve muscle endurance and boosts mental focus and memory too.


Sucralose is used in the donuts for a number of reasons. It’s a versatile sweetener with a sweetness profile very close to sugar, it bakes incredibly well and has a flawless safety reputation. There have been over 100 scientfic studies on sucralose that prove it’s extremely safe for humans! Sucralose has the following benefits:

  • It’s 600x as sweet as sugar so you don’t need to use much at all to get the desired effect. 85% of the sucralose you consume isn’t absorbed in your digestive tract, and the 15% that your body does absorb can’t ‘bioaccumulate’ so it doesn’t stay in your system. Only 2%-3% of any sucralose you consume ends up in your bloodstream, so it’s a tiny percentage of a tiny amount meaning it won’t cause an insulin spike.
  •  Sucralose doesn’t pass the blood-brain barrier, so you get the sweet taste without any attention issues, sleep difficulties or hyperactivity that comes from regular sugar.
  • It’s also non-cariogenic, this is a fancy way of saying it won’t cause tooth decay. Jim Buddy takes care of your teeth!

Sunflower Lecithin

Made by, quite simply, dehydrating a sunflower! This is contained in tiny amounts in each donut. And is much better than the soy alternative. JB's donuts contain NO SOY!

Sunflower Lecithin is used in the donut as an emulsifier, this means it allows water and oil to become finely dispersed in each other, creating a stable, smooth emulsion that’s great for working with whey products! 

The lecithin is non-GMO and has an important role in regulation the flow of nutrients in and out of cells. It has been used to treat high cholesterol and liver cirrhosis as it helps to disperse and break down fat so it doesn’t build up on the arteries or the liver. We made sure to research it thoroughly before including it at the Jim Buddy bakery.

What are net carbs and why do they matter?

The net carbs number tells you exactly how many carbohydrates your body will actually digest and discounts those that merely pass through the body with very little caloric value.  

Now for the science bit:  Net carbs are the total number of carbohydrates in the donut minus fibre and erithrytol.  This is the true amount of digestible carbohydrate.

For example: 10g carbs - 4g fibre - 4g erithrytol = 2 g net carbs.

Erithrytol has a unique chemical structure that stimulates the sweet taste receptors on the tongue but our bodies cannot break down and digest it. Similar to dietary fibre.

It basically goes unchanged through your system so it has almost no calories and none of the harmful metabolic effects of excess sugar. Multiple long-term studies on metabolism and toxicity have found no negative effects of erythritol consumption. Click the panels above to learn more about the individual clean ingredients in a Jim Buddy.

Erythritol contains zero active carbohydrates, the ingredients say 20g of polyols is equal to 20g of carbohydrate, but these carbohydrates (polyols) cannot be broken down by the body and pass straight through unmetabolised. Erythritol’s 1 gram = 0.2 calories as per our UKAS lab testing compares favourably to 1 gram active carbs = 4 calories. 

By the way: fibre and erithrytol do not raise blood sugar, making Jim Buddy's donuts great for people following a low-carb diet. Any sugars in the donut are from using real fruit and other natural sources.

So, if I use the 4 kcal Protein, 4 kcal Carb, 9 kcal Fat addition- it doesn't add up?

It's a legal requirement to list a 'total carb' number, which can be misleading when fibre and polyols are involved. 

With fibre at 2 kcal per gram and polyols at 0-0.2kcal per gram you can end up with some large discrepancies when using the standard addition on 'total carbs'! Labelling convention has not caught up yet to account for these differences so that's the best way we have to explain why the lab tested, quoted nutritionals you see on the JB label are what you get!

For example: 20g carbs - 6g fibre - 7g erithrytol = 7g net carbs.This is the true amount of digestible carbohydrate.When calculating calories, dietary fibre is counted as having 2kcal per gram instead of the 4kcal per gram of a regular carbohydrate. Erithrytol is actually deemed 'calorie neutral' by the FDA in America, though a recent study recognised by the FSA in the UK found that it is more like 0.2kcal per gram, so that is the amount of energy that shows up when you lab test a Jim Buddy or calculate the nutritionals on the label based on this notation. They contain no added sugar and any sugars in the donut are from using real fruit and other natural sources. More information can be found on


Donut Weights?

Being a hand made baked product, the moisture content of the donuts can vary bake to bake based on complicated things like humidity differentials during the bake. We quote the minimum your donut will weigh on the box. Rest assured the ingredients are always precisely weighed at each stage of the baking process to ensure the nutritional values are always consistent even if there is a slight change in the weight of the product between batches.

What is the shelf life? 

The best before date on the back of a Jim Buddy shows the date they should be enjoyed by! They have 3 months ambient shelf life from the date of manufacture. 

This is by using a space-age packaging technique called Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), also known as 'Gas Flushing’ in the custom made JB tubs. This removes oxygen and puts the donuts into a kind of ‘stasis’. Like when Han Solo is sealed in Carbonite in The Empire Strikes Back. 

This means no artificial preservatives, no added sugar, but the flavour, aroma, texture & nutritional value is completely preserved. Not to mention the prevention of any staling! That way stores can keep the donuts at room temperature and you can throw in your gym bag to eat whenever! 

More flexibility for you, more flexibility for the retailer. Flexibility is good! Touch your toes!

What are the allergens?

The allergens are listed on the label and boxes in bold on the nutritional panel. This is called the Quantitive Ingredient Declaration or ‘QUID’. The most common question is about nuts. Peanut Butter and Banana Cinnamon contain nuts (peanuts and tree nuts respectively), and the other two are made in a bakery which handles nuts.

Are they vegan?

They are not vegan, there is whey protein (dairy) and egg used in the ingredients, though a vegan donut is in development. 

Are they vegetarian?

Yes they are vegetarian- no meat! The only animal products are whey (dairy) and egg.

Are they gluten free?

No gluten containing ingredients!

They are however made in a bakery which handles gluten containing products. 

What is the sugar content?

No added sugar, it all comes from real fruit, dairy, nuts etc. 

The actual number differs by flavour but it's around 1 gram!

Have you lab tested the nutritionals?

Yes! All nutritional testing at a UKAS accredited lab. Pass, spot on results. 

We had a party, there was a cake constructed from healthy donuts and Jim Buddy himself performed a 'hand stand macarena'. This defies the laws of physics but Jim Buddy likes a challenge.

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